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Mobile Notary  



What is a Mobile Notary

 A mobile notary is any notary who, upon request, travels from location to location to perform notarial services. While a mobile notary may perform any type of notarial service prescribed by his or her state's statutory laws, it is more common that mobile notaries are called upon to perform various types of real estate or mortgage transactions. Hence, the mobile notaries who perform such services are often called notary signing agents or mortgage signing agents. 

Mortgage Loan Documents

  • FHA /HUD Loan

  • Refinancing

  • Home Purchase

Legal Documents

  • Estate Planning Documents- Power of Attorney/Wills/Trusts

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement/Divorce Agreement

  • Weddings

General Notarization

  • DMV Documents

  • Mechanic Liens

  • Towing Forms

Business Records

  • Affidavits

Real Estate Documents

  • Deed

  • Quitclaim

  • Release of Payment

Mobile Signing Agent Services

 Over 10 Years Experience

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